Title IX complainant wants to clarify CU Boulder statement about resolution of her case

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The woman whose recently concluded Title IX complaint against the University of Colorado prompted a yearslong investigation wanted to clarify a statement CU sent out to the Boulder community following the investigation’s end.

“The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has informed the University of Colorado Boulder that it has closed its systemic Title IX review of the campus with no adverse findings related to its 2013 handling of a sexual misconduct case brought forward by a former student,” CU posted online last week when Chancellor Phil DiStefano received a letter from the OCR ending its investigation.


Former CU student Sarah Gilchriese found a disconnect between CU framing the message as “no adverse findings” related to her specific Title IX case when OCR, instead, focused on the improvements made because of her case in their resolution.  For more, click here..

Alumna sues the University of Miami for Title IX violations

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A University of Miami alumna is suing the university for its “deliberate indifference” toward her being raped, stalked and physically assaulted during the first three weeks of her junior year.


The student, identified only as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, said the administration failed to protect her from her assailant when he harassed and stalked her nine to 10 times between September and December 2013. Furthermore, the plaintiff said former Dean William “Tony” Lake told her she should drop the rape allegations and “feel bad” for her assailant because “he did not have many friends,” and that perhaps he had penetrated her with his fingers and not his penis and that “this was not rape.”  These and other claims fill the 21-page lawsuit filed against UM on Sept. 15 for mishandling complaints of sexual assault and harassment and for allegedly violating the plaintiff’s rights under Title IX, the amendment prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender.

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SUNY Albany Sued For Title IX Violations After Elimination Of Women’s Tennis Team

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The State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany) abruptly eliminated the women’s tennis program in March, stranding players—all but one of whom are from other countries and are on student visas—and violating Title IX regulations, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York. The suit also alleges age discrimination against the team’s coach, Gordon Graham, who was fired shortly after the team was cut.  For more, click here…



33 reports of rape on Stanford campus in 2016

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– Stanford University’s annual crime data shows reports of rape on campus are on the rise.

33 rapes were reported at Stanford last year. That’s almost three per month.  The new crime report exposes some troubling trends for students and staff at the prestigious Palo Alto school.  While there has been a slight increase in the numbers over the year, campus administrators say students have a better understanding of what constitutes a crime and are no longer under-reporting incidents on campus.  For more click here…

Gov. Jerry Brown of California is poised to sign a bill that will codify the Obama-era sexual assault guidelines

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From the NY Times – California’s law explicitly applies to children in public kindergarten, elementary and high schools.  California lawmakers quickly passed the bill last week after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced on Sept. 7 that she will roll back the guidelines set forth by the Obama administration in 2011.  Survivors of sexual assault and their advocates, including those in the California legislature, roundly denounced Ms. DeVos’s decision.  For more, click here…