University of Tennessee releases annual Title IX report

The University of Tennessee Title IX report shows there were 103 violations reported on campus in 2016.

Title IX director, Jenny Richter, sent out the Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation annual report to UT students, faculty, and staff on Wednesday.

According to the report, 64 of the 103 violations were sexual misconduct related. Last year, there were 38 reported violations for sexual misconduct.

“More and more students are reporting incidents of misconduct and receiving the care and support needed to help with these difficult and complex issues,” said Richter in the annual report.


Richter believes that education is the reason for the higher number of reports.

“We attribute that to the fact we have done a much better concerted effort toward making sure that people know what to do if something happens,” said Richter.

UT leaders plan to continue their focus on education for students and teachers about what to do and how to report these situations.

The remaining violations reported included 23 for relationship violence and 16 for stalking. There were zero reports of retaliation.


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